My Smithy

My Story:

I am a mechanical engineer with a master degree. My skillset includes non-destructive testing inspector, a turner and Miller, a locksmith, an ancestral master blacksmith, an engraver-jeweler. Since ancient times, men in my family have been master craftsmen, carpenters, and jewelers, both from my mother’s side and from my father’s side. For example, great-great-grandfather was a hunter with his own production shotgun, the damask barrel of which he himself had forged.

I am professionally engaged in forging and jewelry making of sabers, swords, daggers, and knives. From the time of my adolescence, I mastered The secrets of blacksmith welding, which is the basis for producing Damascus steel. Over 30 years ago my father thought me the craft of making jewels of precious metals and precious stones. My father is a retired teacher of metalworking and tool making at the Professional High School of Mechanical Engineering in Silistra, Bulgaria. Another skill set that I am proud of is mastering the Japanese technology for steel mining and forging of swords, such as the Katana and Wakizashi swords. I have also mastered the methods and notes of the master-living legend Amata Akitsugu - forging the dagger of the current Japanese Emperor.

I am pleased to present to you my work collection, as well as give you the opportunity to order your own individual project to make a knife, sword, etc. Choose an object from my ready-made production for a gift or order for yourself one that you desire.